Demolition in North Woods

January 11, 2016

just underwayThis house was purchased in September by Civil War Trust with assistance from SHAF. It was located where the tour road and the bypass meet in the west portion of the North Woods. The CW Trust transferred it to SHAF in December. doneHere is what it looks like today! Demolition took place last week, and the land restored to its natural condition. It will be transferred to the National Park Service soon. This purchase and demolition were made possible by the contributions of SHAF members and funds from the now-defunct Western Maryland Interpretive Association. Thanks to all!

Fall Work Day

October 6, 2015

We will be holding our Fall Work Day on Sat. Oct. 24. Joining us will be members of the 88th Penn. Vol. Inf. living history group courtesy of Civil War Trust. We will be working on the WIlson Farm clearing tree lines and fences. As usual, bring gloves, water, dress for the weather, etc. You will see where everyone is parking on the farm, just meet there. Because this is private property owned by CWT we will need to sign a liability waiver, and we’ll be able to use chain saws. Bring yours if you’re comfortable using it. Also bring your own tools, clippers, hand saws, whatever.

Preservation Opportunities!

September 9, 2015

DSC_0528This property is known as the Wilson Farm, but Antietam scholar Joseph Harsh called it the Bloody Pasture. It is just south of th Cornfield and bordered by Cornfield Avenue, Smoketown Road and the Hagerstown Pike; 44 acres and the site of the some of the most severe fighting on September 17, 1862. Long held in private hands, it is now owned by Civil War Trust and SHAF is clearing out overgrown and non-historic tree lines on the property and tearing down the post-war structures seen in the picture. We will need your help to accomplish this task, and when it is complete the land will be made available to the National Park Service. If you have not donated to SHAF in a while here is a great opportunity to do so. We will need a lot of money for this project, and two more I will describe in a future post.

Victory for Preservation!

July 14, 2015

Something I thought we’d never see has happened! The 44 acre Wilson tract, the triangular parcel of land south of the Cornfield and north of the Visitor’s Center, has been purchased by Civil War Trust. SHAF has contributed several thousand dollars to this effort, and now we have been asked to help restore the property. This will entail removing the barn, cutting out non-historic tree lines and replanting the eastern portion in trees. We will be posting notices when all this will take place as we will need your help, both physically and financially. This tract will eventually be acquired by the National Park Service, but our challenge is to restore it prior to that transfer.

SHAF Wins Preservation Award!!

May 20, 2015

Preservation Maryland will be presenting their 30th annual awards on Thursday May 21 in a ceremony in Baltimore. This year SHAF will be receiving their Volunteerism Award in recognition of our 30 years of volunteer service preserving historic sites in the Antietam Valley. Obviously everyone who is a member of SHAF has made this award possible, and the Board of Directors and myself express our sincere thanks that your generosity and labors have enabled this state wide acknowledgment of our efforts.