Joseph L. Harsh Scholar Award

A Scholarship Award in Honor of Dr. Joseph L. Harsh

In 2011, the Board of Directors of Save Historic Antietam Foundation Inc. established a new award for scholarly research of selected aspects of the Maryland Campaign of 1862, especially the battle of Antietam or Sharpsburg. The award is named in honor of Dr. Joseph L. harsh, longtime professor at George Mason University, and author of the prize-winning trilogy on the Maryland Campaign.  Through the generosity of the family and friends of Dr. Joseph L. Harsh, SHAF is able to provide an annual stipend of up to $2,500 for the successful applicant to undertake a research project to enhance understanding of aspects of the campaign and battle.  The stipend will be offered annually and will be awarded based on review of the applicant’s proposal by a committee composed of representatives of the SHAF Board of Directors, the Harsh family and Antietam National Battlefield.  SHAF hopes that this funding will promote research on unresolved issues concerning the campaign.  If a scholar does not have a topic in mind, suggestions can be provided by SHAF.

Applicants need not be enrolled in any school, but must provide evidence of their ability to perform the research required for completion of the project. Because this award honors a great scholar it is imperative that the completed project reflect the highest standards of scholarship and research.  Topics must be approved by the stipend committee, and the successful applicant will present his or her finished project at an event?? [need a better word] in conjunction with the annual anniversary commemoration at Antietam National Battlefield.  The awardee will also produce a written summation in a format suitable for publication.  Applications can be made to SHAF no later than February 15, and the award will be announced by March 1.  Research must be completed by September 1.  The guidelines and more details are available at the SHAF website,

We are delighted to make this stipend available to all students of the Maryland Campaign, and eagerly await the results of this project.

Application Procedures & Timeline

1.       Applicants must submit a brief statement of a project, a research methodology and relevance of the topic to furthering understanding of the Maryland Campaign of 1862.  They will also provide a brief resume’ emphasizing their historical and research credentials.

2.       In the event that the applicant does not have a topic in mind the SHAF Board of Directors will generate a list of possible topics and make it available for potential applicants.

3.       Applications should be submitted by mail to SHAF, P.O. Box 550 Sharpsburg, MD 21782 or emailed through our website,  All applications must be received by March 1, of each year.

4.       The stipend committee, made up of three members of the SHAF Board and representatives from the Harsh family and the Antietam National Battlefield will choose an awardee annually to receive the stipend, and the committee will also oversee the project.  The criteria used to choose an awardee shall be determined by the stipend committee.

5.       Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply as often as they like.

6.       Members of the SHAF Board of Directors are prohibited from applying.

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